Letter from the President

Hello, My name is Carlos Perez. I am going to tell you my history of success through this website, with the desire to share with you my experiences.

My father was a business man and perhaps it was because of this and being so close by, that when I was 19 I wanted to be in business.   I started out in the year of 1986. My unique motivation at the time was to negotiate, I liked to buy and sell. I then began to have confidence in myself.

My first company spent 13 years of much success and then the business got too small for me. I decided to start another business. At this time my objective to negotiate changed and I saw that organization was neccesary as well. With much effort I began to see results in my new company and now we are in good order and have a strong organization.

At the moment that the organization was in order, I started to set up a new type of group; a true group, a group whose members have a common goal and are producing at a high level with the maximum amount of quality. Their main priority was the morale  level of each other.  Set it up this way so that we can all achive our goals. In this evolution that is based on the support and perpetuation of the group. And making the group more important than my own personal interests, I guarantee to you that it was wonderful.

Thank you very much to our group of hard workers constantly productive.

Thank you very much to our clients for entrusting us.

Thank you very much to all the ones who with their hard work have made this company become an actuality.


Carlos Perez

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