Hello, my name is Carlos Pérez,

I am going to tell you my success story through this website, with the desire to share with you my experiences.

My father was an entrepreneur and perhaps, the fact of having him so closely, made me jump into the business adventure at 19 years old. I started my activity in the textile sector in 1986, but the only motivation was to negotiate, I liked buying and selling. And that’s when I started to have confidence in myself.

We spent 13 years of great success and that started to get small, so I decided to enroll in another business. My aim of negotiating changed, and I saw that organizing was essential and with a lot of effort, we started to get results so now we are on a path of order and good organization.

In these moments in which the order seems to have been introduced enough in my company and myself, I am starting a new path which is to achieve a real group, where all the members have common objectives, and the common purpose of having a model company, where the staff is happy, we have the highest level production and a supreme quality, in short, achieving our goals.

This evolution is to support and perpetuate the group above my personal interests. And I can guarantee you that it is wonderful.

Thank you very much to our working team for being so constant and productive.

Thank you very much to our clients for trusting us.

Thank you all, those whose effort make this come true.

Carlos Pérez